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Hello all! I am not too popular here, but I do plan on doing some research on world map hacking. I made a tutorial for an ultimate world map hacking guide. You can find it in the tutorial section. Anyway I want to pretty much go into the unknown, and find out some additional features that the world map offers. Okay, starting with the obvious, Editing the mini-map (only visible after setting flag 0x845) you will be able to open a list of the available maps.

Now the button that opens the page to view the maps is where I want to mess with. Now I am going to see what tiles are what number and see if there are any relations with hacked world map tiles.

Extra Map Button Face Tile: 257
Top/Bottom Edges between both buttons-
Left: 272
Middle: 273
Right: 274
Left of Extra Maps button: 256
Right of Extra Maps button: 258
So in a nutshell, I am going to inject a hacked world map and see if the tile numbers match with the messed up button.

If people want to help, you can mess around with this. Maybe if someone can find the raw data for that button so we can just simply overwrite it with some new raw, it would be really cool.
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