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Originally Posted by sudloa View Post
Hello, All

Thanks for very nice hack for emerald version.
I and my friends really enjoy playing this.

In my adventure, I got struck in [rock climb].
I've already finished the Rayquaza stop Groudon vs Kyogre event.
I received the HM5 [rock climb] from Steven.
I already done beating E4 again after that event. (Actually, I beat them 3 times)
But [rock climb] still not work.

I attached some pic to show that how this happen.
(I cannot post URLs due to my post is below 15 posts)

Is this a bug?
If not, what is any mistake or anything I forgot?
it's doesn't metter that you don't have it on the list, just walk to the wall where you should use rock climb and just pres a button

Originally Posted by flameboss789123 View Post
I see someone post where is dig it is trapin. And gible where is gible also I have trapinch at desert still not get. Dig
Gible is on the desert (try to look beside hippo temple. I don't know where are you but if you want dig for ancient ruins event you can buy it from the man in there (top right corner)
Originally Posted by godlyk View Post
now can someone please help me! how do you get to Route R underwater??
just go to malias City surf on the east and use Dive on the black water xD
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