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Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
you are so eval T_T you made me choose between magby and growlithe.
*insert evil cackle*

Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
Well, let's see how these things turn.

By the way, I guess, I just GUESS you'd include Tangrowth in the case you've got to add Tangela, won´t you?

I didn't choose Tangela, but just for curiosity.
I would, yes.

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
In poll 33, you have Feebas and Milotic. If you have feebas, wouldn't you have to include Milotic? No one has voted for either yet, but it's just something I thought I would bring your attention to.

Also, more people need to vote for Magby
Argh, I didn't notice that. Oh well, like you said no one's voted for either yet (and I'm doubting if anyone will), so I'll just leave it. Thanks for pointing it out though.

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