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Completed Ruby, will move on to Platinum or Pearl soon.

New Update:


- I go ahead and defeat Flannery quite easily.

- I head on over to Petalburg once again, taking the route I used to get to Lavaridge back. The Rusturf Tunnel comes in handy.
- Defeating all of of the trainers in the gym, and head back out to heal up, and take on Norman.

- I receive the badge from Norman, and head outside to the house next door to obtain Surf. I teach it to Arctic ASAP. Then, I Surf through the route north of Oldale Town, and go to Mauville. I take this way to get to Fortree, grinding and gaining several levels on the way there.
- I defeat Magma at the institute, as well as Brendan. Both are easy matters. I run off to see Steven, and now I can access the gym.

- Winona is defeated. Aurora Beam wrecks her team. Next gym! :D
- I walk over to the rainy route. I defeat the trainers there, and advance. Soon, Team Magma is spotted heading to Mt. Pyre. I heal up in Lilycove, then I backtrack and go after the villains. They are defeated, and I fly to Slateport to see what is going on. They steal the submarine explorer, so I head to their base.
- The base is cleared out, but they escape to Seafloor Cavern. Oh well, on to Mossdeep.

(took the screenshot too late, xD)
- Liza and Tate are taken out quite easily, thanks to Surf. Although, Sunny Day still made it a bit drawn out. Now we travel to the Seafloor Cavern.
- I defeat Maxie and the other Magmas, and the agitated Groudon goes on a rampage. I head to Sootopolis to see what's up.
- Steven and Wallace tell me to go into the Cave of Origin, so I go in, and capture Groudon, just for the heck of it.
-I now am able to battle Wallace.

-I now have my eight badges, so it's off to Ever Grande. Ugh...Victory Road.
- I manage to make it through Victory Road pretty easily, thanks to all the Max Repels I bought earlier. I take this time to train to at least level 70, so that sweeping the E4 would be quite simple. Arctic's PP totals are pretty low, getting a total of 40 when added all together, so I figured that having such a high level would be necessary. Plus, there were no PP restoring items that I had. (I never picked any berries)
- Finally, I'm ready for the league. Glacia is a bit of a pain, because I had to Headbutt by way to victory against her Sealeos and her Walrein. I manage to make it, and totally wreck Drake's team with Ice Beam. At last, the final battle begins.
- By this time, I am extremely low on PP, so I didn't know if I would make it alright. But I did. :D I just had to replace Headbutt (which had no PP left, thanks to Glacia) with Waterfall.

Arctic defeats the Champion, completing this portion of the ultimate solo run.

Final Stats:

Arctic (Dewgong) Lv. 76
Ice Beam, Surf, Waterfall, Aurora Beam

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.
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