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Purrloin seems to be pretty weak to start off with, struggling to beat anything really, love visiting the poke centre after every battle

Justarrived in Striaton City, not too confident about the upcoming gym battle, not sure if Purrloin and Lillipup will be able to help Oshawott overcome the first gym.

Just received Pansear from Dreamyard :D

Just entered the first Gym, like the look of it... and I just received some Fresh Water :D

My first gym battle of Gen V is against Cilan and she sends out a Lvl 12 Lillipup, I start out with a Lvl 11 Purrloin, also noticed she's only got two pokemon which is slightly pleasing

Lillipup manages to make my Purrloin faint so I decide to bring out Oshawott! Water Gun FTW :D

Cilan brings out a level 14 Pansage, good thing I went to dreamyard it took down my Oshawott with two Vine Whip's but I managed to get in two tail whips before. I bring out my level 10 Pansear, and Incinerate does minimal damage Pansage uses Vine Whip and takes 7 out of 30 HP, I should go on to win this battle now.... WOOP WOOP

With 6 HP left Pansear uses Incinerate to make Pansage faint! Gym badge number 1 after about 2 hours of play!
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