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Originally Posted by DForte View Post
3rd. How dare you not tell us all the legendaries in the game (my Fraot impersonation) lol
How dare you to say that?! It's my patented phrase...
Hahahahaha! Whatever.

I see you made a VERY unique choice of pokémon. I can finaly play a Pokémon game(not made by myself) with no useless Pokémon!!!
I'll cry blood because of my hapiness.

But I'd choice Blaziken instead of Cyndaquil. Actually, Typhlosion and Charizard have exactly the same base stats but Typhlosion is ugglier than Charizard and Blaziken.

To say the truth, I'd choice Emboar as another Fire-type starter, since it's the strongest of them all; but, it's from Gen 5, so it doesn't count.
Pokémon Pure Version. It's gone now. Buh-bye Nohmen Region! Nobody will miss you because no one had the chance to meet you.

And also... a new Megaman X game is coming. Megaman X: Maverick Wars.
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