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Quote originally posted by Kaori:
Which Pokémon do you see yourself having by your side? If it was an option to have one follow you around, which Generation V Pokémon would be at your side?

Discuss, discuss, discuss!
Wooop, 1000th thread. :D

1000 threads? MY GOSH, Kaori. Congratulations!
Wait...your profile only shows 72 threads! Do you mean 1000th BW thread? In any case, congrats!

Quote originally posted by Hiroshi Sotomura:

Who doesn't want a pseudo-human that wears a KARATE UNFORM following them? (It's not like the feature was ever going to happen.)

Even better, who doesn't want a pseudo-human POWA RAINJAA POKEMON following them, always accompanied by this awesome theme music playing whenever it appears?

Quote originally posted by Karpman:
I'd take Daikenki, Haxorus, or Conkeldurr along with me. I guess I'm just a fan of walking with bipedal mons.

!!!! Where did you get those sprites?! Aaaugh, now I really hope this Follow-Me/Walking Pokemon feature returns in BW's successor(s)!

Quote originally posted by Astinus:
My starter Oshawott (and its evolutions), of course. Either him or my Woobat/Swoobat, because that thing is adorable.

There's something amusing and cute about a blind Woobat or Zubat fluttering its wings yet remaining so ever loyal to the path of its Pokemon Trainer. :cer_laugh:

Plus, who wouldn't want a cute mushroom, a jiggling cell, a seed bby, or some ice cream hopping/waddling merrily behind you with their widdle selves! :3

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