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Defeated Clay at the Driftveil gym and headed for Chargestone cave, Bianca gave me HM02 Fly, I had planned to teach fly to Emolga but I found it can't learn fly so I've replaced Emolga with a Joltik which I caught in Chargestone cave, I'll be catching a Vullaby as soon as I get a chance (Dark/Flying) which will also cover the empty spot on my team (I was planning to add a dark type anyway), I'm just making my way through Chargestone cave battling Plasma grunts.


Pignite Lv31
Palpitoad Lv31
Simisage Lv31
Joltik Lv31
Gothita Lv31

I was also given a lucky egg by Professor Juniper which has come in handy for training Joltik from Lv25, I'll probably swap it between all of my team so that everyone gains from it, I'm planning to get my team to about Lv35-37 before I go to the next gym

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