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We spent a while looking around Castelia City - it really is a beautiful place. I met Cheren outside the gym and we chatted, and I helped a band of dancers unite in front of the fountain. Castelia was certainly a busy place, with lots of people running around. One of the boats accepted my Liberty Pass and offered to take me to the Liberty Garden, but I decided I wanted to battle Burgh before that happened.

However, things soon took a turn for the worst and it ended up being because of Team Plasma - AGAIN! It turned out they'd gone after a Munna again, but instead of abducting one from the wild, they stole Bianca's! Burgh and a trainer named Iris helped me battle against them, and at the end of the battle, something strange happened to my Purrloin. It began to glow and shine, like Tempo did before he evolved, and sure enough, Marik became a Liepard! He's so pretty, I just want to hug him!

Inside the Plasma base, Ghetsis, who had spoken before in Accumula Town, told us about his aim to make Pokémon free, just like the creation legend with the white Dragon. Iris knew something about the white Dragon too, but before I could work anything out, Team Plasma left.

I checked the building to see if N was hanging around, but he was nowhere to be seen. D:
I miss him. :(

I checked out the gym but Burgh looked really strong, so after a little more sightseeing, I went back to the forest to do some training. If I get strong enough while training, we'll take on Burgh tonight, but I might try again in the morning. After all, we already got one badge today. I'm sure we can wait a night to earn another!

What? I said I love N. Don't look at me like that. >.>

Key events:
Marik evolved! Liepard is so purty ♥
My love of N becomes stalker-ish.
I now have access to Liberty Garden
Burgh is too strong. Good job I saved before battling so I could reset. >.<

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