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Quote originally posted by Beechlgz:
I'm confused at Nacrene gym! I'm on the last clue and it doesn't make any sense.

"From this bookshelf... Move two backward, move one to the left, move two forward, move one to the right, and move one backward..."

So if you do that, you step of the ladder on the first step and away from the ladder on the second step. Then you move to the left and move two back up to find yourself right next to the ladder. You can't move one right because the latter is blocking the way!

I can't think of any other way to interpret this clue. I've been stuck on it for ages and can't find anything on the internet that explains it.
Actually there was several explanations in the older Simple Questions thread ~ But anywho,

Basically from that one, which is the first on the right, just go to the one above it with the young girl standing on the ladder once she's beaten and the books been read; the case will move showing the secret stairs ~

Does anyone know where the happiness checker is? :c I wanna know who far of Woobat and Swadloon are from evolving
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