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What a day we had ahead of us!

I woke up in Nimbasa Pokémon Center with a bright perspective! ... until I remembered my confrontation with N last night. I didn't want to dwell on it too much, so I headed over to where I met Bianca yesterday. Thankfully there was no confusing parental confrontations this time; I managed to clear my head by taking part in a Pokémon Musical!

Tempo, my Servine, was great at the Musicals! He knew just when to appeal to the crowd and we ended up with a lot of fans, all giving us new accessories! It was so much fun and after the bright lights and jaunty music... N? Who's N? ;D

I checked in on the Gym and it looked pretty flashy and fun, like a fairground ride, but after battling one of the trainers in there, I decided extra training was necessary. I took my team out onto the next route and battled a few of the trainers there and did some more of this 'grinding' business against the wild Pokémon. I even made the decision to evolve dear Pendant, after finding the Water Stone in my bag while digging around for a Potion. I showed my Panpour the stone and he nodded excitedly, so I handed it to him and he immediately began to glow. When the light cleared, he was a lot bigger, with longer 'hair' and a more colourful body.

Evolution is fun!

So we did some more battling. And a bit more. And some more. And then I saw it.

I saw the Pokémon of my dreams.

A tiny little body surrounded by jelly... a cute little face... an adorable cry... It had to be my sixth team member. Solosis! Solosis, the ADORABLE little blob! ♥

I caught one as quickly as I could and straight away gave him a hug. He was so SQUISHY! It was love! ♥ I named my little Solosis Tardigrade and immediately started training him alongside my team. However, he was a little weaker than the rest of them, so I handed him the Exp. Share I had recently obtained... somehow. I don't know quite how the Exp. Share got inside the jelly, but he's definitely holding it...

Solosis is so cute and it was made even cuter when I found out it was based on mitosis/meiosis (the process in which a cell splits in two - there's separate methods for plant cells and animal cells) and a Tardigrade - hence his nickname!

For those who don't know, the Tardigrade, or Water Bear (bwaaah♥), is an extremely resilient type of bacteria that is said to be even mightier than the cockroach in terms of endurance. These things have survived intense heat and cold, terrible conditions and even the vacuum of space!

They say that when the sun burns up and all life on earth is killed, all that will be left are cockroaches and tardigrades.

Also, I have a strange obsession with tardigrades.


Key moments:
Evolved Pendant into a Simipour
Caught a Solosis (SO CUTE ♥)
And obsessed over the Solosis (SO CUTE ♥)

Next stop, Nimbasa Gym!

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