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About to face Elesa, might be tough though since I have no ground pokemon. Although it probably wouldn't matter much since she has two Emolga's. I taught my Gurdurr dig which might help.

Gurdurr (F) lv 26
Dewott (M) lv 27
Yamask (F) lv 26
Darumaka (M) lv 26
Whirlipede (F) lv 26
Solosis (M) lv 26

Something doesn't seem right about my team though...and I can't really put my finger on it. It doesn't have a good way of dealing with water types at the moment...

Edit: Just defeated Elesa, she was harder than the previous three gym leaders. Mostly because of Volt Switch. Solosis was my saviour in this battle, knocked out all three with it's Psyshock attack. Darumaka helped a lot too. When I taught dig to Gurdurr I wasn't counting on Volt Switch, sure enough when I used dig on Zebstrika she switched to one of her Emolga's and it didn't do anything...

I really like how the gym leaders feel much more involved in this game.
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