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Beat all four members of the Elite 4. Mostly absused Zoroark's Night Slash to do it. Saw Team Plasma's Castle rise out of the ground. Watched Reshiram burst through the wall and unleash it's flames. Battled Zekrom. Haxorus used Dragon Claw and then I threw a Pokéball and it was caught! Battled N. Battled Ghetsis. And then the game finished after N finished speaking. Spoke to Looker and got the Super Rod. And got my Pokédex upgraded.

My current team:

Zoroark (F) Lv 52
Emboar (M) Lv 51
Unfezant (M) Lv 50
Zekrom Lv 51
Simipour (M) Lv 49
Haxorus (F) Lv 49

Think I'll head to White Forest now. BTW anyone else got to where I am yet?