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Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
I started Black earlier to, its not that bad after you get past like the 3rd town, it actually becomes pretty good, but most people back out before they even reach the 2nd town, because there so use to the recent gens.
Yeah, I'll have to get back to it sometime, and give it some more time to grab me. I just wish the developers would add a bit more variety to the beginning of the games - they don't always have to start the same.

Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
How dare you to say that?! It's my patented phrase...
Hahahahaha! Whatever.

I see you made a VERY unique choice of pokémon. I can finaly play a Pokémon game(not made by myself) with no useless Pokémon!!!
I'll cry blood because of my hapiness.

But I'd choice Blaziken instead of Cyndaquil. Actually, Typhlosion and Charizard have exactly the same base stats but Typhlosion is ugglier than Charizard and Blaziken.

To say the truth, I'd choice Emboar as another Fire-type starter, since it's the strongest of them all; but, it's from Gen 5, so it doesn't count.
Please don't cry blood, I'm sure it'd make quite a mess lol.
I actually think Blaziken is one of the ugliest starter Pokemon, but obviously that's just my opinion . I'm glad Typhlosion is in as it's one of my favourites. :D

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
Guess I have to come up with my own patented phrase lol

Now that the pokemon have been decided, which moveset will you be using for the game? I would assume Gen 4 since there are no Gen 5 pokemon in the game.
I'm experimenting at the moment with a lot of different moves from each Gen, with different Pokemon, and seeing if I can work it into a possible feature which I may include.
Sorry if that's a bit vague. All will be revealed tomorrow, with screenshots :D.

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