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So, after healing my Pokémon, I fought Cheren- and swept the floor with Cheren
using Vulcan. Sorry to put out your campfire, Cheren. Anyways, for battling him,
I got some Oran Berries. If only I had some in my Platinum game.

After my triumph, I challenged Cilan, but not before battling the waiters.
Poor Vulcan nearly fainted from battling a Level 11 Lillipup. After that, I had
to battle a waitress- and she packed a punch. I can tell you that Vulcan will
need a bit of training before he is able to battle normal-type Pokémon. However,
pummeling Grass types is his forte. Vulcan did get healed before the gym
leader battle, though.

The battle with Cilan was okay. His Lillipup- well, you could say his bite was worse than his bark! It was a grueling battle.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 13
Max HP: 39
Attack: 22
Defense: 19
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 15

Vulcan the Pansear
Level: 12
Max HP: 37
Attack: 11
Sp. Atk: 18
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 25

Fennel came up to me and gave me HM01, Cut, then I went to the Dreamyard
to catch some more Pokemon, but not without healing my two miniature
warriors. When I got to the Dreamyard, two Team Plasma grunts battled me.
After I kicked some plasma butt, I went to catch a Munna.

Brizo the Munna
Level: 8
Max HP: 32
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Sp. Atk: 15
Sp. Def: 25
Speed: 9 (Carbos please!)

Before leaving for Nacrene City, I talked with Fennel and got some awesome gear!