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Well, I've just completed the first.. half? of the game. Defeated the last Gym leader, reached the Pokémon League and... I don't want to spoil it for anybody who doesn't know what happens. But, I've really enjoyed playing this game. The story is the most in-depth of any pokémon game to date. it actually makes you feel like you are/are doing something important rather than just a bystander who happens to get involved.

it's odd, but this game has made me feel emotional, like no other Pokémon game has. i don't know... the whole situation N is in, plus a scathing comment from ghetsis abouit him.. It made me think. D:

Anyway, here's my team at the conclusion of this part of the game. Now off to do the next part! Got my national dex, too. =D

Reshiram Lv. 51 (removed Cinccino lv. 55 from my team to make room during the finale)
Zebstrika Lv. 55
Unfezant Lv. 55
Ferroseed lv. 55
Mienshao lv. 56
Samurott Lv. 58

I think I'll spend some time now trying to find out if it's also possible to forge a new beginning for something once lost.
Until we meet again...

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