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Quote originally posted by iMareth:
When exactly is it a good time to transfer the Dog Trio and Celebi from Gamestop for the Zorua and Zoroark event in game?
Any time. Just activate the Relocator - see the FAQ for more info.

Quote originally posted by shengar:
Okay then. Can anyone please tell me about this Dsi Enhanced region lock?
If you have the English games, it doesn't concern you. If you're curious though, you can read the FAQ about it.

Quote originally posted by Griffinbane:
Does anyone know of a pair of really good HM slaves? I'm thinking Skarmory and Bibarel, B/W version. (Cuz lyk...this spreading out HMs between entire party is gettin' annoyin'.)
If you need Fly, give someone Fly. The only mandatory HM is Cut, and you only need it once.

Quote originally posted by Elite Four Lucian:
How do we Trade and Battle wirelessly on Black and White? the only way I see to do it is with IR...
Beat the first gym and complete the "Dream Mist" quest by going to the topmost house in the east of Straiton City. You will then receive the Pal Pad and be able to use Wi-Fi. I'm not completely sure, but isn't Wireless enabled after you get the Pokédex? The Union Room is the leftmost door at the 2nd floor.