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Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post
Just watched Sexy. Loved it, though some parts made me cringe. Namely Afternoon Delight. What on earth is going through Emma's little red head? lolz Puck's performance kinda freaked me out. The energetic psycho look does not fit him. O.O

And Santana...oh Santana! I wanted to hug her. Someone get her some lady lovin'! Poor baby. ;_;
omfg. Santana scenes <3 I wanna see em' ;__; I could be watching it now but yeah... my internet went of last night u_u so I couldn't download it ;;

Oh there's a new original song been announced, it's called Hell to the No, ===

And maybe sung my Mercedes and/or Santana, since Santana was getting an original song soon :'3

And the title of the track fits Mercedes perfectly ~