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Quote originally posted by Maul856:
i need help on easy train locations be for the elite 4 im there but my pokes just wont cut i have the means but not the levels help would be nice :D

Hey, have you gotten through Victory Road? I assume you have. Well go back through Vic. Road, till you get to the doctor inside. That's the room I trained all my Pokemon to Level 60. Durant give the most exp, then comes Boldore, though they are annoying with sturdy. Run away from everything else like Mienfoo and Woobat. I trained a lot here, but you need to only train your Pokemon to at least just 50. By the way, what's your team?

Quote originally posted by Yusshin:
Can't remember if I asked this.

Are there some Pokemon that only appear at night / at certain times of days, and are there some Pokemon that change in appearance rate pending the time of day?

It appears that the game tiles don't even change for night/day so 'am curious.

No, and No. Only Seasons affect Pokemon now. So the day/night feature has basically become just aesthetic. ;D

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