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Speaking of Ishida, I wonder what his role in this story will be. All we've really seen is that he got stabbed, really.

"That wouldn't fly in a novel." Is it just me, or does this show a LOT about him? For one, we can expect him and his group to follow quite a lot of tropes, if he wants things to "fly like a novel". So he might be like a puppetmaster and pull some strings to make things fall like a novel. Like if he wants a romantic subplot...

Haha, Shishigawara really is smitten isn't he XD

I kind of like that she was analysing it... Until she completely threw it away.

Okay, so she felt the blade, but wasn't physically cut. This could mean that he affects the senses, like Aizen. Or perhaps he could extend his Fullbring through his sword to her body- making her body heal itself. I can't really think of many other options, but I know Kubo will asspull something out.

Oh great, she thinks of him as a friend. This is just going to complicate things too much.

"What was I slashed by?" could imply that it's something more to do with the blade, and how it can be manipulated.

An ex-ally. So either they really WERE ex allies, and there's a clear good and bad side, or the current fullbringers are really good actors and they're all going to screw Ichigo over later on, or Kuugo has something planned on his own and will go over to Tsukishima's side, or... That's all I can think of at the moment.

It's good to see that the plot is strongly moving. Next chapter will mainly be a background chapter, I guess.

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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
If you look at it it wasn't a stab...
It was a complete slash/cut.


There's no chance anything that bad would ever happen to her though, you can see through detail that he enjoys drawing her more than the other characters.
Well, you can't blame him.
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