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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Kirbychu / Serperior (m)
Cole / Conkeldurr (m)
Katie / Zoroark (f)
Cilerba / Carracosta (m)
Luke / Escavalier (m)
Kirozane / Reshiram

Now...the nonsense names!

Hooker / Ditto
Lady Gaga / Gothita
armpits / Tornadus
notQuilava / Tranquill
Sexy Cat / Purrloin
Baconator / Tepig
Bacondorf / Tepig
Hilarious / Vullaby

I plan on naming Landorus man stench. 8D These are all in Black, btw. I might post some stuff from White later! ^-^
ha hooker because ditto get on everyone lol

yer i call my umbreon twilight and my espeon seishin - japanese for psychic of the mind

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