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I finally picked up White today too and I haven't put it down for the past four hours. I picked Oshawott as my starter and caught a Pidove later. When I got to the Pinwheel Forest(Outside Area), I caught myself a Timburr to add to my team. I did some more training in that area and beat Lenora on the second try. Right now I just beat all of the Plasma grunts in the Pinwheel Forest and I'm battling the last few trainers in there before I move on to Castelia City.

My Team:
Dewott Lv.22 w/Tackle,Tail Whip,Razor Shell,Water Gun
Tranquill Lv.21 w/Air Cutter,Roost,Leer,Quick Attack
Timburr Lv.21 w/Leer,Wake-up Slap,Rock Throw,Low Kick