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I just beat my Red playthrough tonight. I thought I was going to get owned because I was fairly un-leveled (mid 40's when I started), ended up beating the whole Elite Four with ease. After a few revives of course :D

My final team:
- Raichu lvl 48

- Dugtrio lvl 47
-Rock Slide

- Mew lvl 41

- Blastoise lvl 48
-Hydro Pump

- Alakazam lvl 49

- Growlithe lvl 36 (didn't even use him once)
-Take Down

Probably was because I didn't evolve any of my guys until they had their strongest attack (for example, I held Squirtle off till 42 so he got Hydro Pump at 42 and then evolved into Blastoise). Also had other strong TM's like Blizzard and Earthquake used.
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