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That blade definitely did something. Until we know the true nature of his fullbring we can only guess. But it did mess with her mind, not being injured but have felt the blade.

I did like Orihime's response, but she kinda ruined it by being caring and stuff. And that she suddenly called Tsukishima a friend is definitely going to be pain in the ass later on.

I am curious about the background between the fullbringers. They probably split because one side wanted to get rid of their powers and the others wanted to use their "gifts".

Tsukishima, Shishigawara, ...
Long names are long.

Who would you be a sidekick to In Bleach? Explain why.
Urahara, I like science and gadgets. He's better then Mayuri and I don't want to be experimented on.
Yoruichi, 'cause I would be a good ninja.

O and -Lapras-, I like your new theme.
Very cute.