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Just to let you guys know, I won't be on much next week.
I'm going to California for Spring Break, to visit relatives.
I'll be staying in a hotel and I don't know how much internet access I'll have.
Please try to keep the club alive while I'll be out of town. :p

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
Stumbles across this.

Wow vedry few AMV's are this good, it's totally more for the Ichihime fans though. :L
Wow, that was an amazing AMV! Great Find Lapras!

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
Just realised I haven't made a Zanpakutō or joined a squad in here yet. :o
just putting that down as a reminder so I do actually get to designing it this week :L

Not worried about Kubo though, it'd take more than an earthquake, volcano, tsunami and possible nuclear explosion to stop him. It's a well known fact that he, Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda are actually invincible.
I was wonder when/if you were going to. xD
Work on as and when you feel comfortable, no pressure.
If you need help just ask me or another captain.

Ahahaha, I hope there will be chapters this week.
But I can understand if they feel the need to take a week off.

Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
Oh, you didn't know? When Kishimoto, Oda and Kubo all started having their manga serialised in SJ, Akira Toriyama shared some of his godliness with them.
I know Kishimoto and Oda are fanboys of Toriyama, but I didn't know Kubo was too. xD