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Pokemon Black
  • タコ [Taco] - Snivy
    I made the mistake of asking my roommate what to name my starter 'cause I didn't have any witty ideas. :( Since all he thinks about is food and World of Warcraft (and we were thinking of what to eat for dinner), he had food on the mind. /sigh
  • パスタ [Pasta] - Woobat
    ...same explanation as above. (I also ended up with the pigeon thing being named "Beer" but it didn't stay in my party.) Guess what the other thing he wanted for dinner was?
  • ロクサス [Roxas] - Vanillite
    n___n Named after Roxas from Kingdom Hearts because it's ice cream and that's all he does in his spare time (eats ice cream).
  • ルミエアー [Lumière] - Litwick
    Named it after the candelabra in Beauty and the Beast. ♥ I think it's a pretty name and it's very fitting.
  • デンキ [Denki] - Blitzle
    It's a really boring name. It means "electricity" in Japanese. I'm pretty sure the electric type is just called "denki". LAME.
  • ニカ [Nica] - Joltik
    Galvantula (is that the right name? not used to it in english yet) was Forever's (the mod) favourite Pokémon leading up to BW so it had to be named after her. xD;

Pokémon White
  • さくら [Sakura] - Cherubi
    I just wanted a chance to have a Japanese-named Cherubi. :') I think I already had a Cherubi named "Sakura" but I haven't trained one into a Cherrim before this one so. It's okay. n_n;
  • Roxas - Vanillite
    See Black. I was gonna name this one Ven but it just didn't work as well. (And it was male so I couldn't name it Xion which was gonna be my other alternative choice.)
  • Flamberge - Litwick
    Named for the fire-elemental sword that often appears in the Tales of series... which in turn is inspired by an actual kind of sword with the name, I think.
  • Joltula - Joltik
    I swear I came up with this name before the English names came out. It was creative back then but now it just seems lame because it's essentially much mashing Joltik & Galvantula's names together fml. ;_;
  • Terra - Sandile
    Named for the Kingdom Hearts character. A ground/dark Pokémon? Perfect.
  • Dominico - Ducklett
    I caught one and didn't have a clue what to name it so I asked on IRC and Luke gave me this name. xD