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Ryan murphy , Glee creator, Troll king, Family man.
Lets recap shall we?
He said that:

Finn and Rachel wouldn't break up, They did. TWICE.

Kurt wouldn't be getting a boyfriend this season. He did.

Sunshine would be rachel's rival from 2x01. She changed schools and we haven't seen her since.

Puck/Quinn: In Journey, Puck says, "I love you." In Auditions, Jacob Ben Israel confirmed he still had feelings for Quinn. In Britney/brittany he shares a look with Quinn. Now, he's in love with Lauren, made out with Rachel, and hasn't said a word to Quinn.

Quinn was supposed to be indepentant this season, without a boyfriend. She was with Sam and is now with Finn.

Rachel was apparently going to be more likeable this season. OH LOOK, she's more hormonal than ever.

2x02 was supposed to be full of characther development and plot. We got a guest star, Britney spears.

Chord overstreet was promised to become a regular after 8 episodes, Darren Criss is a Regular since his first episode 2x06

Need I go on about the subject? anyway~