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Oh god, my nicknames for Pokémon are interesting. XD I have as of right now:

>> A Samurott named Apollo (after Apollo Justice lolll)
>> An Excadrill named Mitsurugi (from Soulcalibur, idk why though)
>> A Scraggy named Jupiter (I seriously don't know)
>> A Sigilyph named Tetris (it's so colourful!)
>> A Zebstrika named Comet (there's Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Blitzen... Zebstrika isn't even a reindeer so what is my logic.)
>> A Litwick named Shiro (Japanese for White; thought it would be fitting because it's Pokémon White, yannow)

They're not the strangest, but they're so random. I don't even.