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When I first started out I named my Oshawott Eenie. Me and my friend Whitey wanted to match with the names. And for some reason we went with Eenie and Meenie. When I got to Castelia though I changed that, because Eenie just doesn't sound right with a Samurott, haha.

Samurott- Neptune. When it comes to water pokemon I tend to give them names from water-like gods/godesses or names of water-like beings, such as sirens. Just look at my blastoise. He's forever named Poseidon.

Zebristika- Zeus. I was in a greek-y mood. xD But it works too, since he shoots lightning beams of death, and this pokemon does too.

Reuniculu- Neon. I like neon green, and it was of a color similar to that. Not to mention it just sounded very psychic to me.

Scolipede- Lilith. Lilith, according to christianity, is a demon. Scolipede just oozes demonic tendencies to me; It's so badass looking and scary. Also the name Lilith reminds me of the color purple, and Scolipede is purple.

Simisear- Coco. I managed to get a female simisear on my first try. If it was a boy I was going to name him charcoal, but I never got the boy, so I had to improvise. I named her Coco after the coal part of the word.

Krookodile- Jazmine. Princess Jazmine is my favorite disney princess. The story also takes place in the middle east, where there are deserts rampant. Because I found a female krookodile first, and I found her in a desert, I named her Jazmine.