Thread: [Spoilers] BW027 - Electrified by Emonga!!
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I found this. It's apparently the summary and some pictures as well.
Ash and Co. meet a really cute Emolga who begins playing tag with Iris. But this Emolga has an unexpected personality...Oshawott, who has fallen in love, joins in - creating a huge uproar!?

Heading toward Nimbassa City, when in front of Ash and Co. who've been traveling with Bianca, appears Emolga, the Sky Squirrel Pokemon! Emolga, who kindly picks up berries that Axew has dropped, has all the Pokemon under its spell. Seeing this cute Pokemon, an excited Bianca quickly begins a battle in order to capture it. But, Emolga toys with its opponent using Attract, is unable to cope with the battle and runs away.

Bianca panics and chases after it! Along for the ride, for some reason, is Axew. It appears that it wants to thank the Emolga, who was so kind to it. However, this Emolga has a secret the team had never thought of...
ok here are the pictures

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