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Quote originally posted by Impo:
I haven't watched the new episode yet, but i can tell it was good,
but I wanna know one thing:

Are the New Directions going to be able to create a performance as good as their Regionals win at Nationals?

Because, they'll just be singing mounds of originals so they can top what they sung last time.
I hope they don't
Actually there's only one original song left as far as I know, at thats when April returns, she sings "Up and Drunk at 10Am" iirc.

Glee is back on the 12th April now... also, the 19th Episode is called BORN THIS WAY. Hell yeah, Dave episode :3 Born this way is sung by Kurt, Blaine, David, Santana & Brittany. Most likely Brittana has come to terms with their Bi-Sexuality.
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