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Originally Posted by Giga07 View Post
Unfortunately you can't go on and you HAVE TO restart your game.
What you should do now is delete your .SAV file, then change your save type by: VBA > Options > Emulator > Flash 128k.

Please read Hiroshi Sotomura's FAQ sticky before playing a hack.
Hi people!!! This is my first post and im doing it to help all those who have problems with their save type, especially in Pokemon and Golden Sun.
Many of you know that Pokemon cannot work with 64k flash saves, you have to use 128k in order for the save to work. But many still play in 64k and therefore use save states instead of battery saves (.sav files). Then you reach Gary or the Elite 4 or watever the name (I dont personnaly play pokemon, and never reached those final fights) and after you beat them, it says ur save is corrupted and will be erased... You're doom... Now u have to start from the beginning... Well not really. Here is wat to do to ''convert'' ur save state into a working battery save:
1) Keep ur save state.
2) Delete your battery file.
3) Start a new game.
4) Save in game a soon as u can (after choosing ur name and the prof.speech).
5) Close the rom and check if the battery save weights 128kB.
6) Open the game and load ur save (the working battery one, not the save state).
7) Load ur save state AND PUT THE SAVE TYPE BACK INTO 128K Flash!!! Indeed the save state loads also the emulator config.
8) Save in game.
Voila!!! It should work, it worked for me... My cousin had to put it in 128k, then 64k, then back in 128k, dunno why...
For Golden Sun its the exact opposite. Dont u dare to forget this vba-over.ini file. And youd better configure the vba-over file AFTER ur save have been repeared.
Good luck, if it doesnt work, answer this post, ill try my best.

And i read this solution on this forum once, but it was like 2years ago, and i cant find it back, so credits go to the guy who thought of that in the first place. I just hope my english is good enough to be understood, it should but i rarely speak english, so forgive any weird mistakes.

Google is your friend.
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