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I just started rewatching the anime since B/W debuted.
and now I find myself commenting on the episodes everyweek here on PC

that can only mean one thing...................................... I'm hooked.

I really like this saga soo far and this episode is very much decent.
I enjoyed the fact that Ash can preservere and keep moving forward in order to catch a Pokemon, and it really shows the reality on how hard catching a Pokemon can really be.

What I do find a lil strange is that we haven't reached 10 episodes yet and Ash already commands 5 Pokemon under his belt. That is a lil fast isn't it?

A lil fed up with Iris's just a kid line, but I beleive over time she will grow out of it cause if you notice she gains new found respect for Ash in each new episode.

A lil predictable that the male travel companion is "le gourmet chef". But since he did own a restaurant/gym I guess it does make sense.

What I enjoy the most is, this season Team Rocket no longer makes a pointless 3 min of face time per episode.
this time around they have a purpose here beside catching that old darn Pikachu. Would like to see how their storyline develops.

Still waiting for Pikachus first victory in Unova. wonder when we'll see it?
Snivy looks wicked cool, I guess she is the wise one of the 3 starters in Ash's posession. Maybe mite even be the Powerhouse member of the team
guess time will tell.

all and all 7/10 good job and keep em coming

now to observe a moment of silence for the horrific events in Japan, I do hope we all play some sort of role in helping relief efforts.
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