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Royal's RP thread and OOC thread are accepted.

fire woven's RP is now accepted.
fire woven's OOC thread is also accepted.

ultragon's RP thread is denied because the plot is too short. On my screen it was just 4 lines. Compare it to most of the RPs around.

(the following is not just directed at ultragon) I think I'm gonna start being a little harder on the plot part, because there are so many RPs appearing with a story that feels like it's just haphazardly thrown together or thought+written up within a few minutes.

Before you create an RP, you have got to have an idea. Evolve that idea and ponder if it would work out as an RP. Then think about how the RP would best be played and what role you as a game master should take.

But before all this, you should ask yourself if your plot even makes sense. A horrible monster/demigod/villain has returned and wants to spread crime/murder/destroy the world? Oh, let's hand a pokémon to 10 young kids and have THEM go stop the evil! -.-' that's... not really logical unless you're making a parody-RP. Which most here aren't. Sure, you can do like this if you twist it so that it is necessary to have the trainers young and new because of their pure hearts or untouched auras or something like that. But otherwise it's pretty weird.

Now, illogical plot isn't the same as using unnatural or mysterious and thus "illogical" things to achieve an interesting/unusual plot. I don't mean to sound full of myself at all, but Darkrai's Balloon is probably an example of a simple idea with an unusual plot where some "magical" things happen.

Just... something to think about when you decide that you want to create an RP of your own. Creativity is your friend.