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Originally Posted by PIKA2
I'll post a patch ROM Dec.22! Don't worry I'll fix it up this time!
Lots of bugs in this game:

First, the names of the pokemon when u select them from professor elm, is still the starter pokemon, but it should be lapras, delibird and sneasel, not totodile, cyndaquil and chikorita.

I recomend you use the starter program

Also, the lab itself is totally wrong, because the way u layed out the bookcases, the assistant ends up talking to the bookcase! LOL

Pokeball is stuck in a tree on route 29 (not route 22 as you put it)

oh and finally, not that it might not make any difference...

You stole the layout of the lab and the house from me, or you have the same taste as me XD (I don't mind, but at least put my name in the credits, even for beta testing)

good luck with the rest