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Quote originally posted by Rawrinism:
Is there a way to battle with your friends with your pokemon converted to level 100 instead of level 50 ?
I don't believe there is; the only thing you can do is just raise them to level 100, as far as I know.

Quote originally posted by Master Jecht:
what is a good place to train after completing the main story. My pokemon are in the mid 50s and everyone else seems to have 65+. And the elite 4 are all 70+. Thanks.
What I did was to go back to Relic Castle, catch the level 70 Volcarona at the bottom (easy as pie) and then abuse that and the Exp. Share to get my Pokemon up a bit. Also, it helps to have fully evolved, high base stat Pokemon, because a lot of the Trainers post-E4 - while they do wield level 60+s - are only running Buizel, Taillow and the like, so something like a level 55 Haxorus chews through them quite easily.

Quote originally posted by FraRPetO:
Does Absorb Bulb absorb water type moves even if my pokemon is a fire type ?
Absorb Bulb does not actually absorb (ie negate) the attack, from what I can tell. It just gives you a special attack boost, so damage calculation is applied normally.