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I would absolutely love to join this.

I've found myself a grand total of four shinies, all RE.

The first was in Silver. I found a Krabby, but I was so young (And hadn't lurked on the internet, LOL) I thought it was a glitch and killed it. XD Ah, youth.

As if in punishment, the years of RSE taunted me with not a single wild shiny. But, when I finally got Pearl, in the cave you find the lost girl in I found a green Zubat! O.O It was in a double battle, so I was terrified. I used the weakest move I had on the other Pokemon... and it criticaled and the other Zubat fainted. Fortunately, my partner only used a weak move, so the shiny was left with 1 HP. I tossed a Quick Ball... and caught it. O.O I trained it up to a shiny Crobat, but later traded it for a Mattle Ho-oh and a Hadou Mew.

Then one day after I restarted my Pearl, I was doing a scramble challenge. While trying to find a Shinx with Intimidate, I found a shiny Starly! This time I was much more savvy, so I traded it to the game that had all my Rare Candies to find out the IVs. I use that game for RNG breeding now.

And last, last but not least, my crowning achievement. I was playing through White for the very first time. I entered Heaven Tower for the very first time. My first encounter was of course a Litwick... but... I blinked. I didn't see the sparkle, only the very tail end. I thought I'd imagined it. Since I'd never encountered a Litwick before, I didn't know if the flame was the right color or not. I yelled at my sister to boot up the laptop, and sure enough it was shiny. I caught it in the first ball I threw. I hadn't been planning to use Chandelure, but seeing that shiny made me reconsider. I now have an orange Chandelure on about 60.

YAY shinies!
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