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Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
Awesome, a new hack. Hmm first off I must say that the thread is hard to read because of the color of the font. Secondly there a few minor spelling errors in the introduction.
I really like the look of the game. Not too far off from the classic style, no what I mean? The story seems cool though I'm not sure what the M.O. is. (Is it just to get stronger?). Will the OW's change? And who is your starter? Am I asking too many questions? Maybe but nothing that everyone else won't ask soon Hope to see progress on this one.
First off this is my first hack, but not my first attempt; look at "threads created by".I will make sure to fix the coloring issue. (Of the thread) It looked nice with my forum stly.

Quote originally posted by Darthatron:
Might I ask what routine you're using? :o

Also, it's very difficult to read if you have a light background (like me). Perhaps use CSS to change the background color, or change the font.
A map routine, it's pretty basic; but useful.

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
Lookin good coming from the screenshots just slightly hard to read the text
I will make sure to fix it. xD

Quote originally posted by BLAZEQUAZA:
This game looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a supporter - and I'd be willing to beta test if I can
I am very happy to hear your compliments. It brings me joy to know my hack is of a cretin quality.
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