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Quote originally posted by OrpheusZero:
I have a Regirock in my Diamond I could trade you :D

Lv40 (Slightly Touched, can remove the EVs if you really want but it'd take a little time)
Quiet Nature
OT John
ID 25359
i don't know IVs sorry

I'm interested in the Bold Flawless Happiny, the Jolly Flawless Dratini, or the Adamant Flawless Magikarp.

I also have a lot of Unova Dex fillers so just name a handful and I can probably get some of them :D

Is the Regirock Shiny?
If it is, you can have all 3 :D

Quote originally posted by chaos56:
Don't know if you saw my other post, but I really want your Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi. I can offer some other shiny Pokemon, Victini, or any Gen V you may need I most likely have.

Are the Shinies Gen V?
Jirachi is held out for special trades only, cause it is an extremely rare pokemon

Quote originally posted by gameplayer56:
Hmm, what do you want for your Shiny Latias besides Regirock?

Ah, Do you have an EV'd pokes?

Quote originally posted by Tux:
Hi, I am new to this forum "

But I am interested in your Chimchar that has Blaze Kick and Thunderpunch and what I have is limited to mostly 5th gen but I also have some previous gens as well

For the 5th gen just ask and I might have it the only ones I dont are Thundurus, Landorus or Tornadus.......but I do have the new musketeer trio

I dont know what the musketeer trio is (my BW knowledge is very kimited at the moment) so maybe one of them?
You'd have to inform me if thats a fair trade, if its not, my Unova dex isnt doing brilliantly, so I can find something else im missing

Quote originally posted by Mozarch4:
I am intersted in the shiny EVd dragonite and thr shiny EVd heatran

I dont have a regirock, here is what I can offer :

shiny EVd porygon-z
EVd primeape
EVd yanmega
shiny EVd arcanine

Porygon Z and Arcanine sound good.

Quote originally posted by Eurydice:
hey could u cmt for the reshiram?
i have a zekrom its touched tho or i can offer all the starters for it.

Eury, I'll give you Reshiram for free, you gave me 3 free pokes yesterday. Its the least I can do

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