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Quote originally posted by Eurydice:
really awesome. ok can u trade now?
Ill head to Wifi now :D

Quote originally posted by Nastradamus:
Would it be possible to get 3 pokes bred from B/W even though I see you haven't started?

I don't really have much to offer though =/. Just started a new file..

Looking for Mienfoo, Tynamo and Petilil.
I can breed you a Tynamo, ill need to go check if I have the other 2 though
Also do you want Eggs or Hatched?

Quote originally posted by gameplayer56:
Hmm, I couple of Pokemon with maxed out (255), but I'm not quiet sure if its legit or not since I got from a friend who used to live near me a long time ago.
Eh, just give me a random poke, it can be a freebie
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