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Quote originally posted by bloo14:
Crap thats the only one i dont i can get a sawk and a drilbur i think.
haha okay, there are plently of pokes I dont have.
I mainly have the ones found in the earlier parts of the game, cause I caught everything I saw for the first few cities

Quote originally posted by chaos56:
Well, I actually just got a Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi today. Although I would like to trade for your GMSTP Deoxys. The shinies I have are on Gen 4, but I just a Shiny Bouffalant today. Either Deoxys or TRU Arceus would be nice.
Arceus I can do 4th or 5th Gen, Deoxys is only 4th at the moment

Quote originally posted by Mozarch4:
wait this in 4th gen right?
I do both Gen's Mozarch, but yes Dragonite is 4th gen
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