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Quote originally posted by ZidaneTribal:
The complete game? Or your new events? The only Programm I know is Nitro Explorer. It´s a long time, that I´ve work with roms. A little tutorial and the programs you mean are welcome
You can translate the hack when you want, because I do not know German, and if someone wants to be a translator for each country, which is welcome. And you can do the translation is not difficult. Extract the narcs that has the German rom text or graphics with text and bring them again to get but the hack, and if ever a text is not displayed correctly, compare with the original (English) and if you have problems and I can post it more or less why that fails.
The text file is narc a/0/2/7, if you want to try and experiment.
Quote originally posted by sebbotnik:
How come the patch isn't working?
The patch should work, is it only happens to you or anyone else?

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