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Originally Posted by Landorus View Post
I have added all new shinies and members to the first post. Welcome to all those new members, and good luck on all your hunts.
*Points* I don't plan to evolve my Pidgeotto, so don't count me on the dex for Pidgeot.

Originally Posted by Landorus View Post
I made a banner for my signature with my shinies in it. Does anyone like it? Not like? :3 I would enjoy some criticism~
It's simple and gets the point through - it's nice! I usually prefer showing a bit more detailed info on my Shinies though (name/method obtained), so I use the card you see in my sig.

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
I'm really sorry about that. I hope you end up getting that KFC! (And MM with his shiny Chiko!) And still, 5000 eggs is a lot!
Ya tell me about it! I had 31 IVs rolling left and right on the last generation; each parent had two of 'em and they went all the way to Lvl 100 just from the Daycare (and 1 level each so that they'd be Combusken) - thus the KFC joke.

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
By the way, what are everyone's opinions on the pluralization of "shiny?" I've seen it both ways, and it always puzzles me when I post. Any stories/reasons/arguments either way?
Shiny is a normal English word, so the rule of "y->ie" theoretically applies. The word Shiny itself used as a plural does not exist normally, but as far as I know, only acronyms should have s/'s added to them (ROMs, CD's).

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