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"... Cubone...but Abra looks good...Murkrow... rrggg... I can't choose!" "Do take your time, Cole." Prof. Oak said. "But they are all good!" "Tell you what. I'll let you have one pokemon now, and each time you get two gym badges, I'll let you have another." "Great!" I said. "Then I choose ABRA!" Abra woke up enough to look happy. I took Abra in his pokeball, and left, with a few good words from Professor Oak.

I was listening to the pokedex tell me Abra's attacks, when a mighty storm rolled in. I knew the rain would last til daybreak, so I took shelter in a small cave. I slept. But, I was woken up by a lone, scalded spearow. I stood up immediately. "ALL RIGHT!" I yelled. "My first pokemon capture!" All right, I was a little too sure of my self... "Go, Abra!" "abra..." said my pokemon. Spearow nailed my Abra with a peck, then reeled back for another attack. "Abra, use Teleport!" I ordered. The Spearow charged headlong at the no longer there abra and into the ground. "Now confusion!" Abra hit Spearow with a Psychic blast from behind. With Spearow stunned, I tossed a pokeball. It rattled with spearow's sprit...then stopped. "Yes! I caught a Spearow!" I yelled. "Abr...zzzzzz" Abra joined in. I returned him. "Get some rest, you deserve it." I then walked around for a few hours before I realized... I was totally lost. I sighed.

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