Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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Originally Posted by Ivee View Post

I'm a friend of Windslash's (actually, I pointed this thread out to him). The earlier patch he posted with all the special moves was flawed, so he fixed it and asked me to post the patch. I personally tested out a move (Gust, which is one that was never special typed in gen 3 and older). I gave it to Squirtle, gave it max special attack and gave Bulbasaur minimum special defense. Then tested it again leaving Squirtle's SA and Bulbasaur's special defense was maxed. Bulbasaur was 1-hit KO'd first and the next time Gust did a little less than half damage.

Anyway, here's the patch, please give credit to Windslash and not me. And keep testing moves so we can be sure he doesn't need to do anymore work!
Hey Windslash, ther are a lot of moves that haven't been switched. Take Confusion, for example.
This is extremely annoying and I think I'll need to switch back to the old system until the moves are fixed.

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