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OK. I am making a game called Pokemon Shadow. It has new Pokemon in it (to be approx. 151). So I need talented spriters who can use their imagine to help me. I will provide a list of the names for inspiration. I will need 151 pokemon battle sprites (front and back), overworld sprites and cries. And for those of you who want to design the player sprites and gym leader sprites, go for it. And also sprites for the new team, Team Shadow. And a map of the Sephyr region. Let your creativity soar!

Pokemon names:

1. Leafe (Grass)
2. Leafoon (Grass/Flying) (Evolves from Leafe)
3. Leafel (Grass/Flying) (Leafel)
4.Singenie (Fire)
5. Singurion (Fire/Steel) (Singenie)
6. Singemperor (Fire/Steel) (Singurion)
7. Driprince (Water)
8. Dripaster (Water/Ice) (Driprince)
9. Driplord (Water/Ice) (Dripaster)
10. Antennerena (Bug)
11. Antennequen (Bug) (Antennerena)
12. Farfetch'N (Normal/Flying) (Farfetch'D)
13. Spookween (Ghost)
14. Spookerella (Ghost) (Spookween)
15.Rattaknight (Normal) (Raticate)
16. Halom (Ghost/Ice)
17. Demom (Ghost/Fire)
18. Sentrail (Normal) (Evolves to Sentret)
19. Yanlarvae (Bug) (Evolves to Yanma)
20. Pachim (Normal) (Evolves to Pachirisu)
21. Kwalom (Grass)
22. Kwalam (Grass/Poison) (Evolves from male Kwalom)
23. Kwalalyptic (Grass/Poison) (Kwalam)
24. Kwalomo (Grass/Psychic) (Evolves from female Kwalom)
25. Kwalaewca (Grass/Psychic) (Kwalomo)
26. Rappunzella (Psychic/Grass) (Evolves from Ditto holding Leaf stone)
27. Cinderellum (Psychic/Fire) (Evolves from Ditto holding Fire stone)
28. Bellerina (Psychic/Ice) (Evolves from Ditto holding Moon stone)
29. Pokehaunta (Psychic/Ghost) (Evolves from Ditto holding Dusk stone)
30. Draceron (Dragon) (Evolves from Eevee holding Fang stone)
31. Wratheron (Ghost) (Eevee holding Spectre stone)
32. Meteron (Steel) (Eevee holding Steel stone)
33. Wingeron (Flying) (Eevee holding Flight stone)
34. Fisteon (Fighting) (Eevee holding Fist stone)
35. Buzzeon (Bug) (Eevee holding Bug stone)
36. Venomeron (Poison) (Eevee holding Venom stone)
37. Bouldereon (Ground) (Eevee holding Plain stone)
38. Ordinareon (Normal) (Eevee at level 30)
39. Sunbom (Rock/Psychic) (Solrock)
40. Moontom (Rock/Psychic) (Lunatone)
41. Misteareus (Ghost) (Evolves to Misdreaveus)
42. Cattleum (Normal) (Evolves to Miltank)
43. Dreamdum (Ghost)
44. Dreamlum (Ghost/Electric) (Dreamdum)
45. Dreamgum (Ghost/Electric) (Dreamlum)
46. Methereo (Ghost/Psychic)
47. Dithereo (Ghost/Psychic) (Methereo)
48. Trithereo (Ghost/Psychic) (Dithereo)
49. Romeum (Fire)
50. Romeom (Fire) (Romeum)
51. Romeon (Fire) (Romeom)
52. Juleum (Ice)
53. Julietu (Ice) (Juleum)
54. Julieton (Ice) (Julietu)
55. Draculion (Dark)
56. Caes (Steel)
57. Caeoron (Steel) (Caes)
58. Lysando (Ground)
59. Hermio (Psychic)
60. Figtrem (Grass)
61. Atome (Psychic)
62. Atomo (Psychic/Electric) (Atome holding Charger)
63. Atomeo (Psychic/Electric) (Atomo)
64. Atoma (Psychic/Water) (Atome holding Hydrater)
65. Atomea (Psychic/Water) (Atoma)
66. Liqu (Water)
67. Liqued (Water) (Liqu)
68. Aimu (Normal)
69. Bemu (Normal)
70. Cemu (Normal)
71. Somnum (Psychic)
72. Sealeed (Water/Grass)
73. Dolfin (Water)
74. OneO (Psychic)
75. Twono (Psychic) (OneO)
76. Threeno (Psychic) (Twono)
77. Canone (Normal)
78. Felinone (Normal)
79. Babyscare (Ghost)
80. Teenscare (Ghost) (Babyscare)
81. Adulscare (Ghost) (Teenscare)
82. Chainco (Steel)
83. Mariam (Fire) (Evolves from female Loudred)
84. Unowned (Psychic) (Evolves from Unown holding Past Capsule)
85. ?! (Steel/Ghost) (Evolves from Unown holding Future Capsule)
86. Astron (Flying)
87. Astronau (Flying) (Astron)
88. ROM (Steel)
89. RAM (Steel)
90. Crocon (Water)
91. Wivern (Dragon/Water) (Crocon holding Fang stone)
92. Bolom (Dragon/Steel)
93. Boloco (Dragon/Steel) (Bolom)
94. Bolocom (Dragon/Steel) (Boloco holding Full Evolution meteor)
95. Chatoto (Normal/Flying) (Chatot)
96. Celebu (Grass/Psychic) (Evolves to Celebi)
97. Mewthree (Psychic) (Evolves from Mew holding Genisis stone)
98. Deoxya (Psychic) (Evolves to Deoxys holding DNA capsule)
99. Cresselio (Psychic) (Evolves to Cresselia holding Moon stone)
100. Singeo (Fire)
101. Palgia (Ice)
102. Sparken (Electric)
103. Tricx (Grass)
104. Mr Tricx (Grass) (Tricx)
105. Tricxy (Grass)
106. Ms Tricxy (Grass) (Tricxy)
107. Sikma (Poison)
108. Sikane (Poison) (Sikma)
109. Sikzone (Poison) (Sikane)
110. Laund (Bug)
111. Orben (Psychic)
112. Wombane (Ground)
113. Womburn (Ground/Fire) (Wombane)
114. Kangbaby (Normal) (Evolves to Kanghaskan)
115. Guilloter (Bug) (Pinsir)
116. Tauron (Normal) (Taurus)
117. Lapran (Water/Ice) (Lapras)
118. Dittra (Normal) (Evolves to Ditto)
119. Dactum (Ground)
120. Giru (Steel/Electric)
121. Wem (Dark) (Mew holding Fear stone)
122. Owtwem (Dark) (Mewtwo holding Fear stone)
123. Artidoom (Dark) (Articuno holding Fear stone)
124. Zapdoom (Dark) (Zapdos holding Fear stone)
125. Moltdoom (Dark) (Moltres holding Fear stone)
126. Raifear (Dark) (Raikou holding Fear stone)
127. Enfear (Dark) (Entei holding Fear stone)
128. Sudoom (Dark) (Suicune holding Fear stone)
129. Ho-fear (Dark) (Ho-oh holding Fear stone)
130. Lugifear (Dark) (Lugia holding Fear stone)
131. Celidoom (Dark) (Celebi holding Fear stone)
132. Fearios (Dark) (Latios holding Fear stone)
133. Fearias (Dark) (Latias holding Fear stone)
134. Jiramare (Dark) (Jirachi holding Fear stone)
135. Bikon (Steel)
136. Carion (Steel) (Bikon)
137. Busema (Steel) (Carion)
138. Witchum (Psychic)
139. Sorcerin (Psychic/Dark) (Witchum)
140. Warlorn (Psychic/Dark) (Sorcerin)
141. Regon (Normal)
142. Regom (Normal)
143. Regom (Normal)
144. Tigearas (Fighting)
145. Beedol (Bug)
146. Beequin (Bug) (Beedol)
147. Psydrangea (Psychic/Grass)
148. Psyflare (Psychic/Fire)

And now for the legendaries:

149. Wingereas (Flying/Electric)
150. Glacias (Flying/Ice)
151. Fearlord (Dark/Ghost)

Gym leader's names:

1. Terran (Ground gym) (Male)
2. Knucks (Fighting gym) (Male)
3. Electris (Electric gym) (Female)
4. Amber (Fire gym) (Female)
5. Norm (Normal gym) (Male)
6. Feathna (Flying gym) (Female)
7. Sy (Psychic gym) (Male)
8. Frost (Ice gym) (Female)

And Team Shadow Leader's name is Shawn
Professor: You may pick a Pokémon.
Trainer: Hmm...Can I borrow all of them to see which is better?
Professor: Sure!
*Several weeks later*
Professor: He isn't coming back is he...