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Quote originally posted by OrpheusZero:
For.. free? :D

Also, good luck on the essay D:

Yep, and thanks

Quote originally posted by PokeTerra2011:
I'm interested in your shiny bagon if it is still available. What would you be willing to trade for it?

Make an offer, but ill probably accept just about anything

Quote originally posted by Unknown#:
I'm interested in your VCG10 Eevee but is it on your 4th gen game or 5th gen game?

Currently 4th, but I can move it if needed

Quote originally posted by gameplayer56:
Opps, I almost forgot about this thread, but anyways, it was your shiny Latias.

Okay then

Quote originally posted by legoone:
can i get a rufflet for maybe a sawk ? I dont got much to offer

Rufflet for Sawk is fine by me :D

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