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Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
As promised the list of shinys I have,

Absol, Oddish. Geodude x40 lol. I got addicted to chaining them,Phanphy and donphan.

That all I have, Looking through I remember all the breeding I was doing for a shiny sceptile on Diamond, Back in the good old days of the last club before it died, now we have the new and old generation.

So, I am getting Black today. Was supposed to get it Thursday, but FedEx is retarded. OKay, it is coming from Kentucky. They drove through my state, to Pennsylvania. Through my state again to Indiana. Through my state AGAIN to New York. Then they're finally delivering it.

Anyways, I am going to playthrough with my Shiny DW Darumaka and Shiny Whismur. I've had Whismur since 2008, still untouched. lol
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