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I decided to make this thread for those who are new to the world of RBY... XD

1) Press A while walking around the Casino in Celadon City. Every now and then you will find coins. Sometimes, 10 sometimes 100!

2) Don't just level up a lead Pokmon. I made this mistake when I first started (Not that I failed because I began leveling up others too). Try leveling each of your six at an even rate. My theory is if you level up your Pokmon five levels between each gym, you will have very strong little warriors to fight the League without much training.
E.G. LV5 + 10 (Brock's Gym) = 15 + 5 (Misty's Gym) = 20 + 5 (Lt Surge's Gym) = 25 etc. Keep doing that. By the time you get to Giovanni, you will have them strong and level to his. It might be wise to level them about 10 extra levels before battling the League though if you do this.

3) Assess your Gym Leaders before battle. If you do this, you will have a good chance at winning. If you put the best type for the job first, you can win with a type advantage. (I will have a type chart up sometime in the future)

4) It's a good idea to talk to people and check things such as trees. If you talk to people, they may give you advice or even items. In Viridian City, if you check the CUT tree near the coffee guy, you will find a Potion! And the guy near Viridian City (Between VC and Pallet Town) will give you a Potion!

5) Upgrade your Rod. It's a good idea to get all three rods. The rods can hook different Pokmon. The Old Rod only hooks Magikarp. But that isn't such a big loss. At Level 15, they learn Tackle, and at Level 20, they evolve into Gyarados! The Good Rod hooks better Pokmon such as Goldeen and Seaking. Still you need the Super Rod which hooks pretty much the same Pokmon but at higher levels.

6) Catch BOTH Snorlax. Yes there are TWO level 30 Snorlax in the game. If you catch both than you have a good lineup. Snorlax are quite strong. Considered 00bers I think. But yes they are great and can learn many TMs.

7) If you are going to cheat, make sure you know the consequences.
Yes we know of three main glitches in RBY.
Glitch City: This does not affect your game too much. Fly to get out of it.
Mew Glitch: This one does not stuff up the games to my knowledge.
MissingNo: This is the most affective glitch. Sure it multiplies your items a heap. But there are several side-affects.
GameShark/GameGenie/Action Reply:
These will most likely stuff up your game but may not. Be careful with these cheating devices.

8) Basic Battle Tips:
Status Changes: If you change your opponent's status, this can turn a bad battle good.
Poison: Will slowly drain health.
Sleep: This will make your opponent sleep for a small period of time
Paralysis: A good trick. This keeps them paralyzed for the entire battle and they may not move
Burn: Like poison this drains health.
Freeze: This keeps them frozen for ages giving you a tonne of time to attack. They cannot attack while they are frozen.
Confusion: This makes the opponent attack themselves (sometimes). A good tactic!

Stat Lowering: A good way of annoying the opponent
Accuracy: Lowering Acccuracy gives your opponent less of hitting you
Attack: Lowering Physical Damage is the main damage thing in the game
Special: Lowering Special Attacks will help if opponent has type advantage.
Defense: Lowering opponents defense will give you a good chance to do more damage.
Speed: Lowering Speed will give them less chance to attack first.

I think I covered all of the stats.

Damage: Damaging the opponent is key to any battle. The first to get the others health to '0' wins!
Special Attacks: These aren't right up Physical Attacks. These are mostly done from a distance which is good in battle type advantages.
Physical Attacks: The in your face attacks. These may not work as well as Special.

More coming next Sunday! (If this thread stays open I have no idea if it will be locked)

Feedback will be accepted.
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More next week!

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