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I finally built up the courage to ask my parents to let me get Black, and it worked!!! They said yes! Black should be arriving sometime next week. They probably have absolutely no respect for me anymore, but at least I'll have the game. Now I'll be able to understand what you guys are saying - half the time, it sounds like y'all are speaking another language, "lol!"

I haven't been feeling that great lately, so I haven't been hunting for more than 3 hours a day. I like to get at least one shiny per month (I think my record is 7 consecutive months getting a shiny), but it looks like March might be shinyless for me.

Lack of posting means a lack of shinies on my end.
Lots of posting...well, that's still usually a lack of shinies on my end! :D

Quote originally posted by Landorus:
I made a banner for my signature with my shinies in it. Does anyone like it? Not like? :3 I would enjoy some criticism~
Nice banner! I like it, although I would get rid of the empty boxes, which take up a majority of the banner. I love the optimism and implication that you're going to get lots of shinies, but the empty boxes just don't do any good. If you made it include only the shinies you already have, each box could be bigger and you could more glamorously show off your shinies.

Quote originally posted by Giraffe:
My favourite Shiny is Flareon -- I'm currently cycling up and down hatching Eevee eggs.
/Fingers crossed.
Good luck! Eevee's one of the best shinies to get - it gives you 8 shiny options to choose from!

Quote originally posted by lunemoon:
I'd like to join. I've only recently actualy started seeking out shiny's rather than hoping for a random encounter/non-MM egg hatch. I've been breeding for a Litwick in White but decided to take a break after losing count over how many eggs I had hatched with no luck, so now I'm hunting for a sentret in Black, since seeing that they were swarming reminded me of how I used to want a shiny furret.
Welcome! It's always great to see new shiny hunters. Good luck with the Sentret! And personally, I'd go back and continue with the Litwick hunt - Chandelure is the coolest 5th gen shiny! (out of the 5 I've seen, "lol!")

Quote originally posted by NightOfRemorse:
Edit: I just hatched a female shiny Treecko on the 25th egg! I didn't expect to get her so quickly! This made my night.
Congratulations!! Shiny Treecko is awesome! *does shiny dance*

Quote originally posted by Runasutaru:
Shiny is a normal English word, so the rule of "y->ie" theoretically applies. The word Shiny itself used as a plural does not exist normally, but as far as I know, only acronyms should have s/'s added to them (ROMs, CD's).
Thanks for the input. I was unsure because shiny is a normal English adjective, but not a noun. I think I'll be saying "shinies" from now on.

Quote originally posted by Razer302:
...Geodude x40...
O_O What!? That's nuts, man! 40 shiny Geodudes? Wow, that's awesome. You should be given a medal or something, "lol."
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